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What is Anagram Finder?

Anagram Finder was created as an example of what can be done with modern tools such as Hadoop, Amazon Web Services and Lucene. Check out the blog post.

Anagram Finder is a tool for finding anagrams. Anagrams are rearrangements of letters in a phrase which result in a different phrase. Some examples (found using this very finder) include:

rich ornamentationnot in north America
restaurant foodstore fat around
vampire hunternever a triumph
data mining toolsdistant Mongolia
massive identity crisisresistivity and seismic

Anagram Finder finds anagrams by searching through a set of phrases appearing in English books. The set contains phrases up to five words long and was collected and made public by Google. More information about how the finder works can be found in the blog post.

Using the finder

Enter a word or list of words into one or both of the search boxes. The finder will then find pairs of phrases which are anagrams of each other and of which the first phrase contains all of the words from the first search box and the second phrase contains all of the words from the second search box. Some example searches:

data mining
my new carwomen



Try these things to get more results: But note that if your query produces too many results, you will only be able to see the top 100, so queries which are too general may need to be narrowed down to yield interesting results.


This application comes with no guarantees whatsoever and is intended for entertainment purposes only. The content produced by the application is generated algorithmically from the terms entered by the user, so that the result forms an anagram and as such does not express the opinion of the author of this site or any other opinion for that matter. The author assumes no liability for the content generated.